Classes at Yoga Shala

Class Descriptions

Therapeutic Needs

Are you in pain or dealing with a serious injury or medical issue? Before you come to the studio, please fill out this brief form so we can help you determine the best way to start yoga. We ask that you do not just show up at the studio for a class if you have significant pain, a recent injury or surgery, or a medical issue.

Level 1

These lively classes offer instruction on how to safely learn a wide variety of postures, including the basics of headstand and shoulderstand.

Level 2

Students should have a solid foundation in yoga and should ideally be familiar with the Iyengar method, including how to do headstand and shoulderstand in the Iyengar style, or appropriate alternatives.

Level 3

These classes are for students with a strong foundation in the Iyengar Yoga method, including the ability to hold Sirsasana and Sarvangasana for at least 5 minutes.

All Levels

These challenging mixed level classes offer options for established beginners through advanced students. Please attend Gentle Classes if you need a slower pace, or have limitations or chronic pain.


Gentle classes are appropriate for students who require a slower-paced, more methodical class or who need special assistance. Classes cover a range of both active and restorative poses. * See below for more information.


Restorative classes offer a calming and refreshing sequence focused on quieting the mind and body. Includes inversions (or appropriate alternatives). Please attend Gentle Classes if you need a slower pace, or have limitations or chronic pain.

Prenatal Yoga

Iyengar Yoga has countless ways to adapt poses for pregnant women. Our teachers can help you with these modifications, and with addressing challenges that may come up during your pregnancy. There are excellent poses which for fatigue, upper or lower back pain, headaches, compression of the organs, insomnia, swelling in the legs, and many more. Contact us before your first class for information on which classes to attend, since some of our teachers have advanced training for pregnancy.

What If I Need A Slower Pace?

Attend Gentle Classes if:

  • You need or want a slower-paced class
  • You have some physical limitations but have basic freedom of movement in your joints
  • You have some minor aches and pains but nothing serious
  • You have had a injury or surgery in the past, but are through with physical therapy and have resumed most regular activities
  • Your doctor has cleared you for yoga

You should not attend classes if you have any of the following situations:

  • You are having serious pain (ongoing or episodic), or have a serious medical condition
  • You have recently had an injury or surgery
  • You are having a back, neck, shoulder or knee problem that is really troubling you
  • You have a limitation that seriously compromises your movements in shoulder, hip, back etc. For example, you can’t bend over, or you can’t lift your arm easily.
  • You are unsteady on your feet.

If any of these descriptions applies to you, please click here

Info For New Students

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, essential oils, or other scents – they can be disturbing to other students and are very difficult to remove from our props.

Your First Visit– On your first visit, plan to arrive 15 minutes before class.

Props: We provide all props, including a limited number of yoga mats for public use. For health reasons, we encourage you to bring your own mat.

Adjustments – It is up to you whether to receive adjustments or not. If there is something teachers should know about adjusting you, or if you do not want adjustments, please let us know. You can always ask to speak to a teacher in private.

Injuries, Health Conditions, and Special Circumstances – Before class begins, let the instructor know about anything that might affect your practice, including minor injuries, health conditions, joint replacements, or pregnancy.

Some issues cannot be handled in a general class.  If you have serious medical conditions, injuries, chronic pain, or are unsteady on your feet, please fill out this form so we can help you determine the best way to start yoga. We ask that you do not just show up at the studio for a class if you have significant pain, a recent injury or surgery, or a medical issue.

If You Are Late – Please don’t leave – just come in quietly and join us.

Signing Up For Class – We encourage you to make an online reservation on Mindbody before coming to class. Or, you can just arrive 15 minutes early and check in at the desk.


  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards
  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • All regular class passes expire 6 months from date of purchase

Introductory Offer For New, Local Students

  • 30 Days for $30
  • Attend up to one class/day.
  • Available only on your first visit to Yoga Shala. This pass cannot be shared.
  • Available to residents of Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Drop In


5 Class Pass


10 Class Pass


20 Class Pass


One Month Pass

Up to one class/day

10% Discount for Students and Military
Discount good for regular passes and drop-in rates. A valid ID is required. No discounts on new student passes, annual memberships, workshops or other specials.

Partial scholarships are available for regular, dedicated students with financial need. To apply, e-mail Octavia and Tamarie.

Gift Cards
Available in any amount, print or email delivery. Purchase a gift card at this link. For email delivery, look carefully for a small box you must click beside the phrase “Send recipient the gift card via email.”

Refund Policy
Please note that there are no refunds, returns, extensions or transfers for class passes, workshops or retail purchases. As small business owners we appreciate your understanding of our policy.