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Yoga Shala

What Is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is known for outstanding instruction, innovative sequences, challenging all students, and making yoga poses accessible.

In each class you’ll do a fresh sequence with a unique focus. You’ll get personalized feedback and help with any challenges you may have. Students are empowered by learning how to work safely in both basic and advanced poses. You’ll progressively develop strength, flexibility, and balance along with body, mind and breath awareness.

I feel the awareness and presence of my body and being through the teachings.

Every class I’ve attended has been of the highest quality.

I have done poses I never thought I would be able to do. But even more, your studio is a temple of healing for me.

Authentic and personable, not a scene.

The instructors have a deep awareness of the body and can help with injuries and give one-to-one advice.

The teachings are organized to help focus and quiet the mind.

Every class is like a gift that gradually unwraps as the class progresses. I always come away with a feeling of both physical stimulation and inner peace.

Filled with light and a gorgeous view of the mountains.

An awesome place to learn as a beginner or an expert.

Exactly the studio I was looking for after having two injuries related to poor instruction in over-full classes.

Our Approach at Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala is an inclusive community offering classes for beginners through advanced students, and for those who need a slower pace. Several of our teachers have advanced certifications with extensive training in yoga therapeutics.

Shala is a sanskrit word meaning school or home. Yoga Shala is a home for anyone seeking to deepen practice in a supportive community. Iyengar Yoga has profound effects physically and mentally, as well as at the deeper emotional and spiritual levels. We hope to support all students in moving toward health, well-being and inner awareness.

We invite you to come try us out, whether you want to

  • start yoga
  • learn advanced poses in a safe and systematic way
  • heal therapeutically
  • or simply experience an excellent class


Ready to get started?